Dana Kapralova - Zuzanka

I sporadically document relationship of my parents since 2002. Exceptionality of two old folks in their eighties lies in spiritual freedom, wisdom, belief and humble relation towards the world around them.

Simon has passed away a year ago. Zuzanka remained. Daughter Maria, sensitive and resilient woman, living through the difficult times with love and understanding for others, cares about her. Genius loci of the small house near the river, drowned in the flowers, lives on.

Zuzanka is well known as great singer, Easter eggs dyer, master of embroidery and a source of traditional ancient wisdoms for the Ukrainian museum in Svidni?k. Four years ago she started to draw. I was amazed by the authenticity of her pieces and asked her to join my creative process. She is drawing on my passe-partouts and simultaneously telling the stories of her life.

I am offering pictorial story about humanity, purity of feelings and senile beauty of the woman, who despite her age did not lose any of her inner strength and freedom. She is not so vital anymore. But her life opened for us a way to each other and to others. While portraying her I attempted to preserve the most precious elements of her childishly genuine, rurally traditional, humanly noble and naturally Rusyn soul.